ABCís Ministries

c/o Madison Church of the Nazarene

503 Lanier Dr.

Madison, TN 37115





Christmas Bazaar at Madison Church of the Nazarene


TO:All Media Outlets


FROM:Milton J. Orgeron, and Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author

†† General Partners, ABCís Ministries; Pastor Ken Carden, Madison Nazarene Church


RE: Upcoming Church Christmas Bazaar with Book Signings and Craft Sales Scheduled.


Date:November 16, 2016


The first annual Christmas Bazaar at Madison Church of the Nazarene scheduled from 11 AM until 7 PM, Friday, Dec. 2, and from 8 AM until 4 PM, Saturday, Dec. 3 is sponsored by ABC's Ministries, Debbie Smith Crafts, Ken Binkley Signing, Louise Amburn Crafts, and the Madison Church of the Nazarene Crafters. A mini cafe is planned where hot coffee, hot spiced cider, etc. may be purchased. 

††††††††††† In addition to the mini Christmas Cafť, Author Pamela K. Orgeron (Pam), General Partner for ABCís Ministries, will have a limited number of her new books The New ABCís of Life for Children and Adults: Short Stories, Essays, and Poems Promoting Christian Concepts (ABCís Ministries, 2016) and We Survived Sexual Abuse! You Can Too! Personal Stories of Sexual Abuse Survivors with Information about Sexual Abuse Prevention, Effects, and Recovery! (ABCís Ministries, 2016) available to sell and sign as requested.

ABCís Ministries, Louise Amburn and Debbie Smith will be selling Christmas and other crafts. ABC's Ministries will be offering a special on their Christmas ornaments. Buy 10 to 19 ornaments, and get a 10% discount. Buy 20 or more ornaments, get a 20% discount.

ďOur dog bone pillows have been our most popular item this year,Ē Pam said. ďThese pillows are not for dogs. The pillows are shaped in the form of a dog bone designed to fit under the neck. Dog bone pillows will make anyoneís sleep more comfortable. Doctors often recommend patients with neck and back problems sleep using this kind of pillow.Ē

††††††††††† Pam is not the only author amid the Madison Nazarene Church congregation. Ken Binkley, author of I Still Remember, also will have copies of his book available. For those who are stock car racing fans, donít forget to come by the Christmas Bazaar to purchase a copy of Kenís book, which documentís his life story and much of the history of stock car racing in Nashville.

††††††††††† Homemade cakes and pies also will be among the items for sale at the Christmas Bazaar. For those who donít like to or canít bake, these take home desserts would be great to keep in your freezer and bring out for Christmas dinner.

††††††††††† Additionally, CDs of hymns from The Kahler Family (Pastor James Kahler; wife Deanna; son Bradley; and, daughter Jenna) will be available for purchase. Pastor Kahler is pastor at the Madison Bible Holiness Church.

††††††††††† Please help us spread the word. Everyone is welcome to attend the Christmas Bazaar at Madison Church of the Nazarene.